Understanding how NFT’s work by creating Google Ads Template as an NFT

Step One — Get an account at PPC Ad Editor and start building out a preview.

The easiest type of preview to create that has value is transferable and has utility is an Account Structure or account shell type of preview for a particular industry. We recently minted an Account Shell Only Google Ads Template for Pharmaceutical Drug + Disease on opensea.io

Step Two — Create a wallet on Metamask

Visit https://metamask.io/ they have a downloadable Chrome extension. You’ll have to go through a series of questions to create your first wallet and make sure you keep your seed phrase in a safe place.

Step Three — Add the polygon network to your wallet

I basically just googled “how to add the polygon network to metamask” and got this link. It explains it all.

Step Three — Create an account on opensea.io and purchase some tokens on Polygon.

Opensea has an article and video that explains how to get this done.

Step Four — Follow the steps explained in our tutorial below.

It walks you through taking your preview and listing it as an NFT on opensea.



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