Understanding how NFT’s work by creating Google Ads Template as an NFT

Albert Somlith
3 min readJan 22, 2022


It’s no secret that many experts in the PPC space are confused by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Trust me we have tried explaining how this works to our users and it has been quite the challenge. Going through that experience tells me that the best way to best way to absorb the knowledge is to learn by doing. We’ve included some quick steps on how to get started plus a video that will show you how to create a Google Ads template and sell it as an NFT on opensea. This method makes it a much more enjoyable way for PPC experts, myself included, to learn about blockchain technology and to finally understand how to create an NFT. Understanding what NFT’s are for, it’s utility and where the value comes from is a whole other article that's coming soon… so stay tuned.

Step One — Get an account at PPC Ad Editor and start building out a preview.

The easiest type of preview to create that has value is transferable and has utility is an Account Structure or account shell type of preview for a particular industry. We recently minted an Account Shell Only Google Ads Template for Pharmaceutical Drug + Disease on opensea.io

If you have a pharmaceutical drug client and you are struggling with structuring your campaign build and keyword research and/or you don’t want to create it from scratch, this account shell template is just for you.

It includes campaigns, ad groups, and keywords targeted towards HCPs that you can import directly into Google Ads Editor.

Simply replace the {drug brand name}, {generic drug name}, and {disease} with your client’s info. All you need is to come up with your own ad copy.

Step Two — Create a wallet on Metamask

Visit https://metamask.io/ they have a downloadable Chrome extension. You’ll have to go through a series of questions to create your first wallet and make sure you keep your seed phrase in a safe place.

Step Three — Add the polygon network to your wallet

I basically just googled “how to add the polygon network to metamask” and got this link. It explains it all.


Step Three — Create an account on opensea.io and purchase some tokens on Polygon.

Opensea has an article and video that explains how to get this done.


Step Four — Follow the steps explained in our tutorial below.

It walks you through taking your preview and listing it as an NFT on opensea.

If you got this far and successfully was able to create your listing and go as far as to mint the preview on opensea. You’ve accomplished more than most people have. The template you created is now live as an NFT. It is up to us to try and promote it to a buyer who is interested in this template, more specifically, to get it in front of a pharmaceutical agency, OR a PPC expert working as a contractor for a pharmaceutical agency. They might be interested in learning how to buy it or they could be interested in negotiating a contract with me, the person who created the NFT. More exciting tutorials to come later when we start to introduce the all new “PCADE Profile” a revolutionary new public profile for marketers that summarizes cumulative managed ad-spend to validate creditability, experience and reputation, which will be included with all previews.



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