Sneak peek at the PCADE NFT’s that come with Lifetime Platform Access.

Albert Somlith
2 min readFeb 17, 2022


We’ve been working hard in the background adding new features to our platform and tweaking the upcoming PCADE profile. BUT the fun stuff is almost around the corner. We’re almost done designing our first NFT collection series. There will be 35 designs released for this special launch. Each NFT comes with its own level of lifetime access to the platform. The breakdown is as follows:

20 Business NFT’s for sale at $200 each
10 Agency Lite NFT’s for sale at $400 each
4 Agency Plan NFT’s for sale at $1,800 each
1 Super-Rare Octopus Agency Plan NFT as a prize give-away at an upcoming posting contest.

Prototype Designs
Draft Designs for PPC Ad Editor NFT’s

In addition to the lifetime subscription to the PPC Ad Editor Platform, the NFT holder will get a featured listing of their PCADE profile on our upcoming leaderboard directory, and of course, a collectible NFT art piece.

One super-rare Digital Marketing Agency Octopus NFT will be given away as a prize to one winner at our upcoming social post contest. We will create a post for users to retweet, like, and tag friends for a chance to win the Agency Octopus NFT valued at $1800. will make it easy for newer rookie blockchain users to buy their NFT with a service that leverages the technology behind that allows buyers to purchase NFT’s using their Bank account via ACH.

Join our discord for more information and get alerted when we make announcements about the upcoming NFT and PCADE Profile.

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