Secure your Digital Marketer Avatar with a Mad Marketer NFT from PPC Ad Editor AND Get lifetime Access.

Albert Somlith
2 min readMar 26, 2022


Following up on our sneak peek post. The time is near for all of you Mad Marketers out there in the paid search world grinding and toiling to make a name for yourself and your brand. Inspired by the infamous Mad-Men TV Series, PPC Ad Editor is about to drop their Mad Marketer NFT collection very soon. What does this mean? You’ll get the chance to buy your very own Mad Marketer NFT that you identify with. Each NFT comes with a list of traits that might even closely match your very own personality! From different types of drinks to all types of fashionable attire, you’ll be able to find a Mad Marketer NFT that represents who you are.

But wait there is more, If you are gonna do marketing, then market in style. Twitter now allows you to customize your Twitter profile using your NFT. Now you can show off your Mad Marketer NFT that represents your unique identity as you Tweet how good (or bad) you are at digital marketing.

What does the NFT come with?

Each NFT comes with a lifetime subscription to the PPC Ad Editor Platform!

How much do they cost?

NFT that are priced at $200 will get lifetime access to the Business plan.
NFT that are priced at $400 will get lifetime access to the Agency-Lite plan.
NFT that are priced at $1800 will get lifetime access to the Agency plan.

There will only be 38 NFT’s available for sale during this round at these prices. Get them while they are Hot!

Wen NFT?

Within the coming weeks, no definite date yet, but I can tell you it will be very soon.

Where can I buy them?

Find them on Opensea once the NFT drops.

Here are some additional teaser NFT draft designs.

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