Learn how to sell your Google Ads Campaign as NFTs

You get to participate in the NFT space!

You can build a collection of ppcadeditor.com previews as NFT’s and put them up for sale to generate passive income.

When a buyer clicks your preview NFT you also get to promote your agency’s paid search expertise

In a few months from the date of this article, your NFT previews will include a “PCADE Profile” which is a public agency profile that includes your cumulative Google ad spend publicly, that validates your credibility as an expert in paid search.

When a preview NFT is purchased it unlocks a downloadable CSV file you can use to import into Google Ads Editor to use as a template.

Most importantly, the PPC Ad Editor team offers free support on how to list your previews as NFT’s on opensea.com on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain.

The PPC Ad Editor team is planning on giving away a limited number of free subscriptions to the Agency plan for users who regularly mint previews as NFT’s, join our discord, or telegram to inquire.



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Albert Somlith

Albert Somlith

Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (PPC, SEO), Paid Social Media Marketing & Website Analytics Expert.